There’s a reason that home buyers and sellers often interview multiple real estate

agents or Realtors before choosing the one they’ll work with to sell their property or

find a new home. This gives you the chance to hear them speak about their

background, skills and qualifications in a way that’s tailored to your unique needs

and concerns. Agents know that their reputation is on the line and will do everything

they can to win your business, so they’ll likely talk up their best qualities during the

conversation. It’s important to keep the conversation focused and on track.

You can also ask each agent what they’ve done that’s particularly helpful for people

in your situation and if they can provide any examples of this. Then, take note of the

types of things they emphasize in their reviews from past clients.


One of the most common ways to pick a real estate agent is to get a

recommendation from a friend or family member who has used their services. This is

especially helpful for home buyers who are moving to a new area or are buying a

first-time home, as it gives them someone they can trust. However, just because

your friend had a great experience with an agent doesn’t mean they’re the right fit

for you.

In addition to hearing references from friends and family, you can also look at online

reviews to get a sense of what it’s like to work with an agent. Pay particular

attention to how an agent responds to negative feedback. You want to see if they’re

willing to own up to what went wrong and use the feedback as a learning

opportunity. For more info


Another important question to ask is how long they’ve been working in the industry

and if they work full time. You’ll want to choose an agent who is a seasoned

professional with a solid understanding of market conditions and experience

negotiating home sales.


A reputable real estate agent will be able to explain the entire process to you in

simple terms and answer any questions you might have. They’ll also be able to

guide you through any documents you’ll need to sign, including the purchase and

sale agreement. They’ll even be able to help you negotiate the terms of your

mortgage and protect your interest as a home owner by recommending the right

lender for you.


In a competitive real estate market, you need an agent who can prioritize your sale

and give it the attention it deserves. Some agents will put your listing on the back

burner to focus on other properties, simply because they’re obligated to by their

contract with you. If this happens, it can take months for your property to sell. To

avoid this, choose an agent who will always place your home’s sale at the top of

their list of priorities. You’ll be glad you did!