Real estate agents help clients buy, sell, or lease homes and other properties. They

also work as intermediaries between sellers and buyers during property

transactions, and may even be present at closings to ensure that all parties are

following the terms of the contract. Typically, real estate agents focus on either

residential or commercial properties. Aspiring real estate agents must complete prelicensing courses and pass a state licensing exam to become licensed. Once

licensed, they can work for a brokerage or be self-employed.


Finding clients is a huge part of any real estate agent’s job. They often generate

leads through networking and relationship development with people in their sphere

of influence, including friends, family, neighbors, and business associates. When

they’re not meeting with current clients or potential clients, they’re likely doing

administrative tasks, such as filing paperwork and scheduling appraisals and home



The vast majority of real estate agents are paid entirely on commission, meaning

they make their money when a transaction closes. However, the amount of

commission they earn can vary greatly from one brokerage to another. This is

because top producing agents can negotiate higher commission splits, which they

share with their brokerage firm.


Aside from earning a commission on each sale, real estate agents are also

responsible for marketing themselves. They do this through social media, websites,

billboards, television and radio ads, and other traditional marketing channels. Many

agents also have an assistant or manager to handle the less lucrative aspects of

their job, freeing them up to spend more time on client-facing activities.


When working with clients, real estate agents usually divide their time between

helping buyers and selling properties. Agents who work with buyers, known as

buyer’s agents, use their knowledge of the local market to help them find a home

that meets their client’s needs and budget. This includes using past sales data and

comparable home prices to help buyers understand the market and come up with a

competitive offer on a property. Read more


During the home buying process, real estate agents often serve as a liaison between

their client and mortgage brokers, appraisers, inspectors, and title or escrow agents.

In these roles, they can facilitate communication and help speed up the process by

ensuring that all parties are on the same page throughout the sale.


As a final note, once a home is in escrow, real estate agents usually perform a walkthrough

prior to the closing date. This allows them to check that the home hasn’t

sustained any damage during the transaction. Additionally, they’ll review all the

closing documents to ensure that there are no errors before signing.